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Game Times

Teams will be notified of game times on the centre fixture screens and also via the website. Only the following week’s game time will be available. For any concerns regarding ‘game times’, please contact the centre at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled game (See Forfeited Games section below). Teams must be ready to play 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. All teams must be available for all game times during finals. If a team arrives late or is not ready for a game, the umpire may at their discretion award their opponent 1 goal for soccer and netball, and for cricket deduct 5 runs from the offending team for every minute that the team is not on the court and ready to play.

Forfeited Games

If a team forfeits a match the team that forfeited is required to pay both teams match fees, therefore double the normal match fee. The team who has been ‘forfeited on’ or ‘wins on forfeit’ will still be required to attend their game and the centre will organise an appropriate game for the team. This will enable the team that has ‘won on forfeit’ to still accrue bonus points that they would have accrued had their original match been played. The cost of this game will be the normal game fee.


All players are expected to wear a team uniform. Players are required to wear enclosed flat soled footwear when on the court. Teams may be penalised accordingly for players out of uniform. Cricket -5 runs and Netball/Soccer 1 point per player out of uniform.

Legal Lineups

The minimum number of regular team members required to qualify for competition points in regular season matches are as follows:

Netball – 5
Cricket – 6 (8-a-side) 4 (6-a-side)
Soccer – 3

The minimum legal lineup can be varied at management discretion upon application prior to the fixture commencement, this will only be considered due to extraordinary circumstances.


All teams are to wear netball bibs displaying the positions. If a team has no bibs of their own they will be required to hire bibs for the match at a cost of $5 per set. If 2 teams are playing each other, have their bibs present and the bibs are the same or similar colour, 1 of the teams may borrow a set of bibs at no charge.

Fill in players must play on the wings (WA/WD).

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There is no membership or registration fee. What you pay as game fees is all you pay.


To be eligible for finals matches all players must be current paid members of Gold Coast Indoor Sport and must play at least one third (33%) of games during the season prior to the finals, unless otherwise approved by management. Special consideration may be given under extenuating circumstances, in the case of Grand Finals application must be made to management in writing no less than 48 hours prior to the match.

Management Discretion

Management reserve the right to eject any person and/or team they deem fit, from the premises and/or refuse entry on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Please note that Gold Coast Indoor Sport management do not tolerate FOUL LANGUAGE, BULLYING or ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR from anyone using the centre.

Umpires & Referees

Gold Coast Indoor Sport is committed to supplying the best umpires/referees available. Out of respect for people and to uphold sportsmanship, all players will agree to abide by the umpires/referees decision, regardless of their own interpretation of the offence. Verbal abuse or bullying of an umpire will not be tolerated. Should your team have an issue with an umpires decision, the captain is able to approach the umpire at half or full time to discuss the issue. At no time will comments, during the course of the game, on the umpires decisions be tolerated. Players may be asked to leave the court at the discretion of the umpire. If the captain is unsatisfied with the response they are able to approach the games counter and the staff will help to communicate between the umpire and the captain.


We Hold the right to ban any spectators, player (s) or team (s) for:

  • Foul and abusive language directed at umpires, staff members, other player’s or spectators.
  • Rough and / or dangerous play on the playing field.
  • Striking another player, spectator, umpire or staff member.
  • Fighting – either on or off playing area.
  • Forfeiting (2) games during a season.
  • Game Fees overdue by more than (7) days, either part or in full.
  • Dangerous and or unsportsmanlike play towards others on the playing field.
  • Damage or destruction caused to any equipment or property owned by Gold Coast Indoor Sport.
  • Refusing to adhere to umpires rulings on the court.
  • The umpires/referees decision is final. They may penalise the disputing team or player with whatever is considered appropriate under the rules of that game.
  • The umpire/referee has the right to warn against harassment from off the court – Being either from player’s or spectators. The offending team will be penalised and player’s or spectators can be asked to leave the premises.
  • No Refunds will be given for games that have been played or payments that have been paid prior to a team or player’s dismissal from a competition.


Gold Coast Indoor Sport accepts no responsibility and subsequent liability for any injuries sustained whilst participating in any competitions and/or events. Nor any injury sustained whilst travelling to and from the centre or injuries sustained whilst on the premises at any time for any reason. ALL PLAYERS TAKE THE COURT AT THEIR OWN RISK. Registered players who are checked in on the centre touch screen prior to their game may be eligible to claim on the centre’s player insurance policy under certain circumstances. Should you wish to claim on player insurance please email us or use the website contact form for a claim form. Please note this policy is held at the expense of Gold Coast Indoor Sport as a courtesy to players, we have no ability to influence claim results which are handled directly between the claimant and the Insurer/broker.