Our focus is maintaining a safe environment for our players and the wider community to continue to enjoy their sport. We will continue to ensure we remain in line with the advice provided by the State and federal governments, as it relates to indoor centres.

We are keeping up to date with any changes to the status of this ongoing issue via Queensland Health and the most current status updates as they arise.

We will continue to stay across all regulatory changes and update our processes accordingly.

We continue to operate under the strict guidelines under the Indoor Sports Industry COVID Safe plan, a copy of which will be available at the centre, along with our own in house, venue specific COVID Safe plan. We will be taking sanitisation and hygiene very seriously, below is a snapshot of the steps we will be taking to keep you safe and our doors open. These are non negotiable and all staff have been briefed in these safety measures and have all completed COVID Safe training. Certificates for each staff member are on display at the counter.

  1. Every indoor sports venue has a COVID Safe plan which covers the cleaning and sanitising of all fixtures, fittings and equipment. Every employee must adhere to these rules for the venue. This includes the disinfecting of all balls, court entry and exit and all surfaces, all surfaces must be disinfected hourly. The COVID Safe Plan for GCIS is located in the main office at Ashmore, this is available to you should you wish to see it.
  2. We are permitted to have one person per 2 square metres in the venue, this is well in excess of 400 people so it is unlikely we will ever reach this number.
  3. Please maintain good hygiene – wash hands regularly with soap and water, use hand sanitiser regularly. There will be hand sanitiser readily available at the counter, if you notice the soap dispensers in the bathroom are empty, please alert staff straight away, with increased use it will run out faster than normal.
  4. Please maintain social distancing off court, there are markers on the floor at the games desk and kiosk.
  5. We are no longer permitted to loan players gloves, Players can purchase gloves from us ranging from $3.00 upwards
  6. There will be no reuse of netball bibs, we strongly recommend teams bring their own, we have a fresh supply available for sale ($49) or they can be hired for $5.
  7. We MUST have contact details for everyone who comes in the venue for COVID tracing purposes, all players must have up to date details in our registration system. If you are unsure if your team is up to date please send us through a list of players to double check. If you go to sign in and a player is missing, they must be added with a current phone and email address.
  8. All non-players must sign in using the Qld Government sign in app.
  9. If you are unwell please do not come in to the centre.
  10. We are still accepting cash, card and team pay for game fees.

If you have any questions any time please feel free to email or

We appreciate your co-operation and support at this time of uncertainty.